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Safer and smarter roads.

Decca Technology has developed a new “Smart Road Lighting” concept that can lead to better municipal economy and increased road safety.

It is well documented that the risk of serious traffic accidents is lower on illuminated roads, than roads without street lighting. Our overall vision is to make the roads safer and smarter. One traffic accident, is one too many!

In Norway, there are two problem scenarios. Some roads are illuminated all night long, both densely or rarely traveled, which constitutes an enormous energy use and operating costs. On the other hand, municipalities with lower operating budgets, turn off the street lights to save money, when traffic decreases around midnight, resulting in an increased risk for accidents.

Decca “Smart Road Lighting” addresses these problems by only illuminating the roads when weather and traffic conditions demand it. When there is no need for street lighting, the lights are dimmed to an energy-saving level.

Decca Lighting Concept


Light on demand

Future proof infrastructure based on standard connectors.

Decca uses specialised sensors to control the ambient light of energy-saving LED luminaires. Where it is crucial that both cars and pedestrians are registered by the sensors at a long distance, regardless of weather conditions.

When municipalities replace their old fixtures in favour of LED technology, we give them the opportunity to also to upgrade to “Smart road Lighting” . In this manner, the additional cost becomes insignificant.

Decca “Smart Road Lighting” can also be used far beyond just controlling brightness. By using different sensors in the armatures, one can collect all sorts of data, from temperature and air quality to noise level and traffic speed. This information can also be used to alert the road authorities, send information to road signs or to plan development of new roads and remediation of existing roads.

Decca LED Street Light

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Greinon illustration

Intelligent lighting.

All of our lighting armatures contain radio senders and receivers.

Ultra-light control modules that turn the conventional infrastructure into smart city objects interconnected in a low-power wireless mesh network


Fit-For-Purpose Solutions

Decca Lighting offers customized and cost-effective intelligent lighting solutions for industrial and municipal areas.

  • Roads & Highways

  • Sports Arenas

  • Parks & Trails

  • Parking Lots

  • Industrial Areas

  • Airports & Train Stations

Want to see it in action?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project or schedule a demo.

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